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What is your "Slice of Life" ?

Nick MalloyComment

We want to know what YOUR slice of life is! What do you do everyday? What makes you want to get up and brush your teeth in the morning... or not brush your teeth in the morning? Why do you drive to that same place every so often and do those same things? Are you creating music? Crunching algorithms? Climbing mountains? All those?!?

Slice of Life Company would like to see the inside of your crazy heads. What can we accomplish with the collaboration of everybody doing what they love? 

Post, scribble down, think about it... What and where is your little slice of life? 

Upload a picture or a few and tell us what's up. We will be choosing/featuring different artists and go-getters with bios and products in the shop. This is an easy chance to network what you love.


Just for fun, the first 10 "What is your Slice of Life" posts with at least one picture gets a free pin shipped the next day. And what do ya know, you could be selling out the shop next week!


Much Love,

Slice of Life Co.