Brett Hutchins  |   30 |   Wordsmith

Brett Hutchins is a music nut. He grew up a classic rock fan, but didn't grasp the full power of the art untilhis time at Florida State. Free concerts can do that to a college student.

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He embraced the Kerouac spirit with a cross-country trip to Colorado the day after graduation, where he hopped on board as an intern with SCI Fidelity Records. The independent label taught him the power of collaboration and a DIY attitude that he's now found  stamped all over Pensacola. That experience was invaluable, but he shortly traded snow for sand and the good old-fashioned southern comfort only home can provide.

Since his return, Brett's lived and breathed the Pensacola live music scene. Most of his friends are in bands, for better or worse. If you go to many concerts in town, you've probably seen him shamelessly bouncing around. When not at local concerts, he's in his backyard hammock or knee-deep in the vinyl collection that eats up more of his monthly budget than he cares to admit.

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